About Us

“To be Realer Than Most is to be Real To Myself… RTM” – Young Spray

Est. 2012

Our Story

RTM Clothing is a family run business, spearheaded by Young Spray, one of the leading pioneers of the U.K Rap scene. His first solo mixtape, released in 2007, was aptly named ‘Realer Than Most Volume 1’ and had a lot of success in the streets all over the United Kingdom. This slogan has stuck with him ever since, now being proclaimed ‘Mr RTM’. After a tough childhood in and out of prison, he found a love for music. He has since managed to change his life from negative to positive and believes YOU can too! By being REALER THAN MOST!
Spray admits that he used to listen to Jay-Z’s first album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ religiously, when he was in prison as a juvenile and one of his favourite tracks was ‘Feelin’ It’ because it made him feel good, in a bad situation.
In this track, Jay-Z starts the first verse melodically, stating, “I keep it realer than most, I know you’re feeling it!” Young Spray says that he related to that so much, it stuck in his mind and was his immediate thought for the name of his first solo project.
The brand was eventually established in 2010, when the first printing of the shirts was done.
We want to thank you all for your support and remember to keep it REALER THAN MOST…
Hayley Agbandje & Léon Riviere (Young Spray)